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| IdeaComo | Gli espoositori di Ideacomo presentano le proprie collezioni nell'ambito di una manifestazione espositiva che si distingue per il carattere selettivo non solo degli espositori, ma della clientela stessa.
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Via Bonanomi, 3 - 22100 Como
Tel:031-242220 Fax:031-242424>

Ideacomo is an association that was established in 1975 by a few silk industries of the Como area, manufacturers of textiles for women's wear.

Member- Companies belong to the medium-to-high market braket and their manufacturing activities focus on both printing and weaving, while the products are often made even more precious with special finishings. Silk is the fibre most used, but also cotton, wool (in its most precious varieties) and highly innovative synthetic fibres occupy a primary position in the production.

Intensive exportation activity has made the textiles of Ideacomo member-companies famous in all major world markets, making them renowned from their high quality and innovative content.

Ideacomo members present their collections in one exhibition that stand out for their selective character, in terms of both exhibitors and visitors.

Within its activities, Ideacomo develops and promotes cultural and sales events both in Italy and abroad.


Beppe Pisani


Eugenio Boggio Casero, Emilio Cavaleri, Marco Rezzonico, Daniela Tagliabue

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